7 August, 2018


Joana & Bruno

This is the way that our dream came true. And it was not the act of “marrying”, but the way we’ve married. It was you who accepted the difficult challenge that we had in hand (and to show that it is not impossible). It was you who managed to satisfy such a demanding (and sometimes very annoying) bride and groom. Everything we had “dreamed” was there. All to the smallest details. Everything done with all the care and affection, in the way that we wanted and with such a but good atmosphere! We want the 19th of August to come back. Come back endless times! It was the best day of our lives! Thank you to the team Iguarias do Tempo / Quinta das Silveiras (we love all the staff, they are of an unparalleled sympathy and professionalism, they spoiled us a lot!) And a special thanks to our dear Joana Conde who is the true weddings’ fairy godmother: she makes the impossible happen! We are dying to see the photos of that day!

A kiss and a tight hug for everyone.

Joana & Bruno
P.S. Ten years from now we will return to another party and we will want elephants and giraffes to do ballet!

Rossana & Nuno

“Happiness is the meeting of the Dream with the Reality.” – Andréa Beheregary

This is undoubtedly the phrase that defined our day!

There is no other way to describe the day of our wedding, as well as the whole process there. Just as there are not enough words to thank the entire team that was behind all the events and that allowed and allows all dreams to come true even those that seem impossible.

For as Susana said, “Nothing is impossible! … tell me that I make it happen!” A very Thank you for Susana Alves for all the dedication, good disposition, affection, commitment and especially for having the gift of managing to capture all the details that we, often difficult couples, try to convey about what we dream for the big day. No doubt you are an Excellent Professional:) Today, we remember this day, through the moments captured by a person who from a machine makes the magic endure and the story is told with all the colors, and all the moments that really were important, never letting anything go. Thank you Pedro Sifredo Photographer and the whole team well disposed and super fun! Because when dreams happen, it’s hard to believe that it’s possible! It is in these moments that we look at the photographs and confirm that we were not sleeping, that we live the moment with all the energy and Love portrayed by your professionalism!

At the end of the day … the thought … Life is just one, and we only live once, so that all dreams come true !!!

Thank you Quinta das Silveiras!

Thank you Iguarias do Tempo!

Carina & Nando

Of all the choices to make at the time of getting married, the location was the easiest. I had been already invited to the Quinta das Silveiras, and I knew it was the right place for us. I did not even look any further. A beautiful place, delicious food, an experienced and motivated team, willing to make every effort to make the day perfect. And ahead of all this to Joana Conde. That with his good taste and enthusiasm he materialized my vision. Ah! And Nando would not forgive me if I did not thank Mr. Estrelinha, our room chief, who “nursed us” until the morning. And who even arranged imperial for the way the last ones to leave.

Ana & Neeki

We fell in love with Quinta das Silveiras at the first time we visited it, when we had only a few vague ideas about what we dreamed for our day.
As soon as we talked a little with Joana, we realized the professionalism and experience of the Iguarias do Tempo. At that moment it became clear that this was the venue for us.

Our day was the most perfect we could have imagined!
The sun appeared to greet our friends and family, inviting them to know better all the beautiful space of the Quinta.
From the flowers to the lights, to the small table details, to the sofa in the romantic nook and the swing, everything was prepared with affection to meet the style of party that we wanted.

Since we wanted a ceremony that would include a small traditional Buddhist celebration of the groom’s culture, it was a challenge for all. However, the result was dazzling: a beautiful celebration, very much ours and that inspired all present!

Many guests came to praise the room staff and all the staff with whom they contacted, as well as praise for the beauty of space and the quality of food and drink. Not to mention the wedding cake: the most delicious we have ever tasted!
Our wedding planner Alexandra was tireless and always helpful in helping us to realize the ideas we had dreamed up for the day. We felt so welcomed by the whole team and everything was so perfect!
We could not have chosen better!

Joana & Tobias

The journey has been long since the first “yes let’s get married” to the last “yes we’re married”. When we started planning the wedding, we dreamed of a perfect day together with all the people we love. However, having a day like this is no easy task, especially when organized from another country. Luckily we found “Iguarias do Tempo” and the beautiful “Quinta das Silveiras”. Today we can say that they did not just organize our wedding as they were also took part of it. The support started from the first contact and we always felt that our wedding was special and not just another event. Communication was quick and easy although most of it was made via email, skype or phone due to distance. We were offered a wide variety of choices and were always attended to our requests as well as the large and small details. In addition, “Iguarias do Tempo” has a wide selection of fantastic (optional) partners to prepare invitations, organize the best flowers, take unique photos, play the right music, and bring guests back home safely. We can say with all the certainties that nothing was missing and everyone loved it! We are all very satisfied with the service and the work of the whole team. They were always friendly without ever ceasing to be professionals. At this moment we can only feel lucky because we have chosen to celebrate one of the most important days of our life! Thanks for everything!